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Web & Application Development|Workflow & Automation|Staff Augmentation|Enterprise Search and Data Warehousing|Enterprise Productivity

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Provident Governance 4.0 is Available

Better Solutions

Quality & Security

Quality assurance pipelines ensure best practices in architecture, engineering, code and documentation. Near real-time feedback loops provide big wins in short order.

A Modern Experience

Interactive requirements gathering, high frequency build integration and rapid feedback loops ensure proper functionality, intuitive design and ultimately success. Developers are experienced and certified

Performance End-To-End

Front-end, Back-end and Middleware are developed with the latest technologies and practices. .Net, HTML5, JS, CSS backed by SQL Server, SOLR and/or MongoDB

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to begin creating your modern, reliable, scalable web and windows sites and apps.

Responsive User Interface

UX you'll Enjoy

Your solution will be developed to support the variety of devices you require. Access via your workstation, laptop, tablet or phone. We'll work with you to determine the best way to present your content and data in a meaningful intuitive way that you and your users will enjoy.

Database and Search

From Simple Utilities to Enterprise Data Warehousing, we've got you covered.

Small product databases that are developed inline with your solution are common for most projects. We also specialize in large scale data aggregation and enterprise search and reporting. If you want to know more about your data and what it can do for you and your bottom line, be sure to ask about your options when we meet to discuss your project. We use products like SQL and SOLR to provide a wholistic look at everything your data has to offer.


In your Office or in the Cloud (and just about anywhere in between)

Most of the solutions we offer are hosting agnostic. We make every effort to be mindful not only of your requirements today, but also what they may be in the future. We write software that scales. If you host internally this year and want to move to the Cloud the next - we'll be there to partner with you to make it happen. Our solutions run on x86/x64 Intel® Hardware with Microsoft® Operating Systems. We'll work with you to determine sizing requirements and other particulars once we've established the solution architecture.

RemoveTM Governance Manager

Physical and Electronic Records Disposition

REMOVE™ Governance Manager is a solution that truly allows your business to fully execute a complete retention and disposition processing workflow. REMOVE™ provides a 360-degree view and management of disposition and at long last fills the gap of critical workflow that is missing in the host of RM vendor solutions.

ResolveTM Conflicts Manager

Search all of your datasources for conflicts with Email Workflow

RESOLVE™ Conflict Manager is the most robust and effective conflict resolution management solution available in the marketplace today. RESOLVE™ combines flexible, quick, intelligent and comprehensive search capabilities with robust reporting features built upon a powerful indexing engine to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of our clients New Business Intake and personnel on-boarding processes.

US Government Contracts

Teravine Inc is a registered government contractor

Call or email for details, core compentencies, list of capabilities, or general inquiries.

DUNS: 08-0597442
Phone: +1 (866) 483-7284
Email: info@teravine.com

Consulting, Staff Augmentation & Professional Services

Partnered for Success

Teravine provides Staff Augmentation (1-50 Developers) and a host of consulting services to our clients. As a trusted advisor, our clients routinely ask us to help them evaluate their business workflows for process improvements to increase employee and stakeholder efficiencies and productivity. We often work closely with them to select and implement technology to support their desired goals and requirements. Our clients count on us to maximize their investments in technology. Teravine’s software development and support teams possess the expertise and experience required for effective analysis and deployment of large and small technology projects. Acting as the sole source partner for our smaller customers or fortifying the resource pool of larger organization’s IT staff, Teravine is a services partner with a proven track record of innovation and successful completion of a multitude of technology projects and project related services.

Platform Technology Demonstrations

Request a demo or web conference

Call or send us an email to request a demo of our Legal Conflicts and Retention Products. We'll also be releasing our "Provident Platform" Q1 2020. Reach out to get on the demos list!

Phone: +1 (866) 483-7284
Email: info@teravine.com

Our team has been developing products and solutions that drive efficiency and productivity for nearly twenty years. Ask about our solutions found worldwide in these and other markets.

  • Legal / Law
  • Healthcare
  • Auto Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Property Mgmt
  • Manufacturing
We have a number of licensing and pricing plans, including revenue-based for small businesses and non-profits.

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